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Spiff Referral Program

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Spiff Definition: Bonus paid directly from Bigfoot Trailers to the Dealer sales person that sells a qualifying Bigfoot Trailer. Spiffs are paid for trailers that are invoiced during the Spiff program time limit.

Referral Definition: This is a bonus paid directly to a dealer salesperson that sends a retail trailer customer to Bigfoot Trailers that makes a qualifying purchase. Referral is only paid if the customer buys the trailer. The referring Individual must fill out the referral form prior to the closing of the sale of the trailer. 

Spiff Program Rates:

For all 7k, 10k, Deckover and XP series 14k Trailers the Spiff will be $25 for each trailer sold.

For all Yeti and Beast Models the Spiff will be $50

Referral Fee Program is $100 for any model trailer.

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