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Choosing the Right Fit: A Comprehensive Trailer Size Guide

For business owners looking for a sturdy new trailer, it can be time-consuming to choose the right one with so many types and sizes available. Whether you need a versatile utility trailer for everyday jobs or a heavy-duty deck-over trailer for construction equipment, Bigfoot offers many options to suit every hauling need. Our trailers have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of up to 26,000 pounds so that you can be assured of their sturdiness and durability. To help you make an informed decision, Bigfoot’s Comprehensive Trailer Guide is your key to choosing the right fit for your payload.

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Step One: Know Your Load

Before diving into trailer specs, first ask yourself these vital questions:

  • What am I hauling? Furniture, landscaping equipment, construction materials? Each type of payload has specific needs. For example, do you need a trailer ramp to carry farm vehicles or cars? Will you need a tilting mainframe for easier unloading of heavy machinery?
  • What’s the weight and dimensions? Knowing the weight and dimensions of your haul is a critical factor in determining which size trailer to get. Don’t underestimate – exceeding capacity is a recipe for disaster.
  • How often will I use the trailer? Occasional hauls might warrant a rental, while frequent use justifies ownership. Rent-to-own is another trailer financing option worth considering.

Step Two: Trailer Types

Now that you know more about your load, let’s explore your trailer options:

Utility Trailers

These BIG workhorses are ideal for hauling furniture, appliances, and construction materials. Its open flatbed deck with optional sides and customization options lets you tailor the trailer for your hauling needs. GPWR: 10K to 14K.

Deck Over Trailers

Like utility trailers, but with a lower flatbed for easier loading and unloading of heavier equipment and machinery, such as ATVs, lawnmowers, etc. GPWR: 10K to 25.9K.

Bumper Pull or Equipment Trailers

Hitched to your vehicle’s bumper, they are popular for hauling smaller to mid-sized loads, like furniture or landscaping equipment. They are easy to maneuver too. GPWR: 10K to 18K.

Tilt Trailers

These handy trailers feature a flatbed on a steel mainframe that tilts back, making loading and unloading heavy equipment a breeze. Perfect for motorcycles, lawnmowers, landscaping equipment, and more. GPWR: 15K to 18K

Specialty Trailers

Car Haulers

These DOT-compliant trailers are designed to transport cars, SUVs, and other light-duty vehicles safely and securely. GPWR: 7K.

Dump Trailers

Consider a dump trailer if you’re in the construction or landscaping business. These trailers feature a hydraulic lift, making it easy to load, move, and dump loose materials like soil, gravel, or mulch.

Tiny Home Trailer

Are you dreaming of living in a tiny home community? A tiny house trailer provides a platform for building and transporting your tiny home. Choose a size and weight that your towing vehicle can safely handle and ensure you comply with local regulations. GPWR: 9.9K to 25.9K.

Step 3: Size Matters

Finding the right size trailer is crucial for both efficiency and safety.  

  • Length: Ensure your trailer has the length to accommodate your payload comfortably, with some room for secure loading.
  • Width: Wider trailers offer more space but might be less maneuverable in tight spaces or narrow roadways. Choose a width that balances capacity with drivability.
  • Height: Consider your load’s height and potential clearance issues under bridges or overpasses to avoid accidents en route to your destination. Remember that New York City and other cities along the East Coast have older bridges with low clearances.  

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Step 4: Capacity and Weight Limits

Every trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), the maximum safe weight it can carry. It includes the trailer’s weight, your cargo, and any passengers or equipment. Exceeding the GVWR is dangerous and illegal, so factor in your load’s weight and choose a trailer with a suitable capacity. Be careful not to overload your trailer. 

Where to Buy Trailers Near Me

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