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EVERCOAT® Paint System

We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality and most durable trailers at Bigfoot Trailers. We understand that a trailer is an investment, and we want to ensure that it lasts for many years to come. That's why we employ only the finest materials and manufacturing processes, such as the EVERCOAT® Paint System, in every aspect of our trailers.

Trailers with custom painting and other components in Amherst, VA & New York, NYWith two state-of-the-art factories in Florida and Virginia, we produce equipment trailers for agriculture, construction, transportation, and other industries. No matter your hauling requirements, Bigfoot has a trailer for your application.

Bigfoot Trailers takes great pride in the quality of its products, which is evident in the use of the EVERCOAT® Painting System. This high-quality proprietary formula protects industrial equipment like Bigfoot Trailers from weather and environmental conditions, prolonging your equipment investment's lifespan.

The Bigfoot Difference

Have you ever looked underneath a trailer and notice many areas not painted? This may seem trivial, but even a tiny part of the trailer that doesn't get a complete paint coating could be where rust develops. In fact, painting every inch of a trailer is so critical to its longevity that we made a custom lift to perfect this critical process. That's right! Our in-house device actually lifts the trailer above the painter's head (don't try this at home!) so he can meticulously paint all the nooks and crannies on the trailer's underside. That’s the Bigfoot difference.

Key Benefits

In addition to our EVERCOAT® paint system, we also use many other high-quality components to ensure our trailers are built to last. For example, we use galvanized steel for the frame, which is rust-resistant. We also use high-quality seals and gaskets to prevent leaks.

Bumper pull trailers constructed in Springfield, MA & Hartford, CTOther key benefits include:

  • High-Quality Components: We build top-performing trailers with components and materials, ensuring long-lasting reliability to meet your most challenging hauling demands.
  • Delivery Area: We offer delivery throughout the US. Rates vary based on location.
  • Rent to Own & Financing Options: See Financing for details.
  • Factory Direct Prices: Our trailers are the most dependable in the industry, and with factory-direct pricing, you can rest assured you are getting tremendous value at competitive rates.
  • 5-Year Warranty: We stand behind our trailers and haulers with the best warranty in the business.

Where to Buy Bigfoot Trailers

Bigfoot Trailers is committed to providing customers with the highest quality trailers possible. If you want a heavy-duty equipment trailer with superior components, including our exclusive EVERCOAT® Paint System, you’ve got to go Bigfoot! As a factory-direct manufacturer, we service the entire Eastern United States with factories in Mulberry, FL & Ashland VA; retailers in Tampa, FL; Hartford, CT; Amherst, VA; New York, NY and by appointment only, with retailers in Fort Myers and Marianna, FL. Nationwide delivery is also available. Call toll-free (866) 764-8878 or contact us at here for a free quote.