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Mastering the Art of Towing Essential Tips and Tricks for Safe and Successful Hauling

Bigfoot trailers are renowned for their rugged handcrafted construction, wide flatbeds, and many safety features, making them the ideal utility for any hauling need. But before embarking on your next destination, it’s crucial to understand Read more

Ways To Use A Dump Trailer

Have you ever considered the cost of local shipping and delivery for heavy and bulky items? Many homeowners and business owners overlook these fees, which can add up to hundreds of dollars annually. By investing Read more

Renting vs. Owning Trailers

Dump trailers, car haulers, flatbeds—these workhorses are essential for construction crews, landscapers, and anyone who needs to haul bulky equipment. Even for weekend warriors transporting an ATV to Georgia’s mountain trails or a car enthusiast Read more

Benefits of Owning a Utility Trailer

If you are running low on space in your truck but can’t afford another vehicle, consider getting a utility trailer. These trailers are essential tools for those in construction, home improvement, maintenance services, agricultural operations, Read more

Trailer Tips For Newbies

Welcome, Newbies, to the hauling family. Whether you are trailering for business, recreation, or both, you embark on an exciting journey. Remember, hitching a trailer to your truck requires care and precision, both on and Read more

Unleash Your Road Trips: Exploring the Versatility of the 70CH Series Car Hauler Trailer

Calling all Jacksonville haulers and auto enthusiasts! Buckle up and get ready to unleash your road trips, from the bustling I-95 to the scenic backroads of Hanover County, VA, with the legendary Bigfoot 70CH Series Read more

Selecting the Right Trailer Axle

The trailer axle is a crucial component, bearing the weight of your cargo and ensuring a smooth ride. However, even the most dependable axles eventually need replacing due to wear and tear or overloading. When Read more

Trailer Jacks Explained

Are you considering purchasing a bumper-pull trailer for the first time? Whether you are planning to transport ATVs for a weekend getaway or haul materials for your business, there are several components designed to make Read more

Things To Consider When Buying A Dump Trailer

With their ability to effortlessly load, haul, and unload different types of heavy materials, dump trailers are workhorses in the agriculture, construction, and landscaping industries. A reliable dump trailer is invaluable for tackling storm cleanup, Read more

Common Towing Questions Answered

We want to welcome all of our first-time trailer owners (and repeat buyers) to the world of towing. At Bigfoot Trailers, we take pride in handcrafting the widest, toughest, long-lasting haulers on the market. Whether Read more