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TexTrail Trailer Jacks

Bigfoot Trailers is a leading manufacturer of high-quality trailers and car haulers with factories in Florida and Virginia. We include a premium jack for every size trailer we manufacture and sell as a standard feature. The jacks we typically use are manufactured in the USA by TexTrail, a family brand of Dexter®, a well-known and respected company in the trailer industry.

Trailers with high quality TexTrail jacks available in Marianna, FL & Amherst, VAHeavy Duty: 14K Trailers & Higher

For trailers with a GVWR of 14,000 pounds or higher, Bigfoot includes a 12,000 lb GVWR Spring Loaded Foot Jack. This jack is designed to handle the heavy loads of our Monster Deckover, flat deck, and custom trailers. Its spring-loaded feature makes lifting and lowering effortless.

Jack For 14K ‘C’ Model Trailers

The 8,000 lb GVWR Top Wind Jack is explicitly made for Bigfoot’s 14K ‘C’ Model trailer. Originally manufactured by RAM®, this premium and reliable jack has a 7,000 lb. lift capacity and a top-wind design for easy operation. It features a durable powder-coated exterior finish and grease zerk, simplifying jack greasing.

Low Duty: Up to 10K Trailers

Bigfoot includes a 5,000 lb GVWR Side Wide Jack for equipment trailers with a 10,000 pounds and under GVWR. It is a popular choice for low-duty equipment trailers, dump trailers, and custom trailers. The Side Wide Jack is known for its superior durability and ease of use.

The Side Wind Jack revolutionizes the leveling process, making it quicker and more effortless. Its innovative side wind design allows for easy adjustments from any angle, saving time and energy when setting up your trailer. Whether you’re a seasoned trailer owner or a newbie, the Side Wind Jack makes leveling a breeze.

Large Octagon Brass Bushing for Enhanced Performance: A Testament to Bigfoot’s Commitment to Quality

Bigfoot Trailers’ dedication to quality extends to every component, including the trailer jacks. The large octagon brass bushing in the foot jack ensures smoother operation and reduces wear and tear, extending the jack’s lifespan and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Side Release Pin Drop Leg Jack for Effortless Trailer Dismounting: Quick Release for a Hassle-Free Disconnection

The Side Release Pin Drop Leg Jack streamlines the trailer dismounting process, allowing you to detach your trailer from your tow vehicle easily. Its side release pin provides quick access, while the drop leg adds additional adjustability, making it easy to level the trailer even on uneven surfaces.

Key Benefits

Bigfoot is a leading manufacturer of trailers and car haulers known for their exceptional quality and innovative features. We are dedicated to providing our customers with everything they need for safe and easy trailering or hauling. To that end, our equipment includes a jack as a standard feature. Whether you purchase our trailers directly from our factory, retail outlets, or dealers, you can rest assured that you’ll have the best-in-class equipment for your application.

Factory direct trailer manufacturer in Mulberry FL & Raleigh, NCOther key benefits of a bigfoot trailer include:

  • High-Quality Components: We construct top-performing trailers using high-quality components and superior craftsmanship, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Delivery Area: Delivery Available Anywhere in the strong.S. Delivery rates vary based on location.
  • Rent to Own & Financing Options: See Financing for details.
  • Factory Direct Prices: Our trailers are the most dependable in the industry, and with factory-direct pricing, you can rest assured you are getting competitive rates.
  • 5-Year Warranty: We stand behind our equipment trailers with the best warranty in the business.

Experience the Bigfoot Difference

Bigfoot Trailer’s built-in rugged and easy-to-use jack sets the standard for trailer stability and ease of use. As a factory-direct manufacturer, we service the entire Eastern United States with locations in Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Mulberry, FL; Jacksonville, FL; and by appointment only, with retailers in Fort Myers and Marianna, FL. Call toll-free (866) 764-8878 or contact us here for a free quote.