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Ways To Use A Dump Trailer

Have you ever considered the cost of local shipping and delivery for heavy and bulky items? Many homeowners and business owners overlook these fees, which can add up to hundreds of dollars annually. By investing in a dump trailer, you can significantly reduce these costs. Whether picking up firewood for your fireplace, transferring waste, or delivering roofing materials, a Bigfoot dump trailer can be a smart financial move. Here are seven different ways to use a dump trailer:

dump trailers available in Naples FLMoving Excavated Soil and Gravel

Got a backyard transformation planned? Ditch the expensive dirt removal service. Use your Bigfoot dump trailer to haul away excavated soil for pathways, patios, pools, and driveway projects.

DIY Landscaping Project

Sod, mulch, decorative rocks, edging stones, and plants – landscaping supplies can weigh a ton! Your Bigfoot dump trailer lets you pick up these materials directly from the supplier, saving on delivery costs and giving you the satisfaction of a DIY home improvement project.

Delivering Roofing Materials

Shingles, underlayment, and ventilation components – a new roof requires several pallets of material. With your Bigfoot workhorse, you can pick up all the supplies yourself, eliminating hefty delivery fees and ensuring everything arrives on schedule.

Storm Debris Removal

Heavy storms and strong wind gusts can scatter tree limbs, leaves, and debris across your yard. After a storm, load up your handy dump trailer to haul away yard debris quickly and efficiently. You’ll be the neighborhood hero and keep your property safe from potential fire hazards (and clogged drains).

Transporting Bulk Firewood

Imagine ditching the frequent treks in the snow to buy firewood. With a dump trailer, you can stock up directly from the supplier ahead of time. You’ll save money buying in bulk, ensuring your home stays warm and cozy all winter. 

Junk Removal

Getting rid of old furniture, electronics, appliances, or construction debris can be expensive. A Bigfoot trailer can haul it to the disposal facility, saving on junk removal fees. 

Trash Disposal

Your dump trailer can move yard waste, renovation debris, or bulky items. With a single, efficient haul, you can avoid multiple trips to the dump site, saving time and money on disposal fees.

Hydraulic System Is a Back Saver

Say goodbye to back-breaking heavy lifting with Bigfoot’s handcrafted dump trailers. Featuring a robust hydraulic system, loading and unloading heavy items is a breeze. With a simple press of a lever, the built-in hydraulic system will do the heavy lifting for you so you won’t strain your back. Other standard features include:

  • Rear door with slide-in ramps
  • A 1/4-inch structural tube made in the USA steel frame
  • Financing and rent-to-own options
  • 5-Year Warranty

Trailer in Jacksonville FLInvesting in a Bigfoot dump trailer can be a game-changer for homeowners and businesses. From tackling DIY projects to controlling hauling costs, this versatile trailer lets you do the job more efficiently.

Where to Buy a Dump Trailer Near Me 

Bigfoot Trailers delivers dump trailers! As a factory-direct manufacturer, we service the entire Eastern United States with locations in Baltimore, MD; Jacksonville, FL; Providence, RI; Springfield, MA; and by appointment with retailers in Fort Myers and Marianna, FL. Call toll-free (866) 764-8878 or contact us at our site for a free quote.