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Mastering the Art of Towing Essential Tips and Tricks for Safe and Successful Hauling

Bigfoot trailers are renowned for their rugged handcrafted construction, wide flatbeds, and many safety features, making them the ideal utility for any hauling need. But before embarking on your next destination, it’s crucial to understand these essential tips and tricks for safe and successful trailer hauling specific to your trailer model.

high quality equipment trailers in Tallahassee FLPlan Ahead 

Taking some time to plan your route goes a long way towards a safe towing adventure. Check the weather forecast and road conditions along your route. Always pack a well-stocked first-aid kit, blankets, and extra water in case of unexpected delays. If you’re venturing into wintery conditions, especially when towing a trailer in hilly or mountainous areas, ensure you have tire chains on hand if required by law.

Know Your Towing Capacity Limit

Every trailer boasts a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), which you can find on the manufacturer’s website or on a sticker inside the trailer. This is critical information directly related to your vehicle’s towing capacity. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the GVWR and Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). The GVWR is your vehicle’s maximum weight, including passengers, payload, and trailer. The GCWR is the combined weight limit of your tow vehicle and the fully loaded trailer. Remember to factor in the weight of any additional gear you’ll carry, like water and emergency equipment.

Use Proper Towing Equipment

Equipping your vehicle with the proper towing equipment is paramount. This includes a hitch with a weight rating that matches your trailer’s weight (consult your Bigfoot trailer manual for specific hitch recommendations). Ensure the trailer coupler and hitch are compatible, and all connections are secure and free from rust or damage. When it comes to safety, there’s no room for shortcuts!

Don’t Overload 

Proper weight distribution within your Bigfoot bumper pull trailer is crucial for safe towing. Place heavier items like firewood or skid steer low and close to the axle. Bigfoot offers ample storage options, so utilize them strategically to balance the load.

Ensure Your Load Is Secure

Securing your payload is an essential safety tip for safely hauling any trailer. Use high-quality tie-downs to ensure all loose items, like construction equipment and boxes, are firmly secured. Loose items can become dangerous projectiles during sudden stops or swerving to avoid road debris or other objects that suddenly cross your path.

Check Tire Pressure

For a safe and successful hauling experience, inspecting the tires on both your vehicle and the trailer before hitting the road is paramount. Ensure they are correctly inflated according to the weight you’re carrying. Consult your vehicle and trailer manuals for the recommended tire pressure. Uneven tires can lead to poor handling and even blowouts.

Maintain Safe Towing Speed and Distance

Remember that towing a trailer is very different from driving a car. So, you will need to adjust your driving style accordingly. Also, maintain safe following distances and avoid erratic maneuvers. Respect posted speed limits and keep a safe distance between vehicles, as stopping will take longer. 

By following these essential tips and tricks, Bigfoot trailer owners can master the art of towing. With proper preparation, the right trailer equipment, and a focus on safety, you can hit the road confidently, ready to deliver construction materials, transport farm equipment, or even relocate a tiny house across town or to the other side of the country.

utility trailers iin in Orlando, FL & Washington, DCWhere to Buy Bigfoot Trailers for Any Haul 

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