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Raleigh Durham, NC

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, is home to Research Triangle Park, a hub of biotech innovation on the East Coast. Its oak-lined streets are full of stories about tech titans and research triumphs from those committed to excellence. This busy metropolis of ambition requires partners with the same dedication to progress. Bigfoot Trailers are heavy-duty engineering titans crafted with the same attention to quality and detail as the RDU’s finest minds. With your deckover, equipment, utility, or tiny home trailer and payload in tow, get ready to roll smoothly through the vast concrete wilderness and foothill backroads.

High quality deckover, equipment, utility and other trailers available in Raleigh Durham, NC

The Bigfoot Difference – Engineering Science

At Bigfoot, we have innovation down to a science. We manufacture high-quality haulers in our factories located in Florida and Virginia. We take pride in crafting these heavy-duty trailers with the strength of a bulldozer and the precision of a laser-guided engineer. We never compromise on the quality of steel or our passion for excellence. Every weld is a testament to our commitment to reliability, and every bolt is a leader in durability. Our haulers are more than just equipment; they are an extension of your hauling business, a canvas for your payload, and your unwavering ally in arriving at your destination safely.

Team-Oriented Manufacturing Process

Every Bigfoot Trailer is a product of uncompromising craftsmanship and skill. Our state-of-the-art facility houses a talented team of highly skilled professional crew members who work like a well-oiled NASCAR pit crew to ensure every component is built for long-lasting durability. With laser-cut steel becoming trailer skins with surgical precision, expert welds add unyielding strength, and jigs provide perfect frame assembly. Then, an acid-washing bath and superior two-part urethane paint coating formulate a durable, shiny exterior finish. Finally, we add the decking, LED lighting, and wiring harness to complete the process. A DOT-compliant super beast is ready for pickup or delivery in the RDU.

Premium Paint & Components

The Bigfoot Evercoat system is a premium paint finish that stands up to the North Carolina climate like weathered barns and resists snow like a seasoned Tar Heel. But its strength lies beneath the surface, anchored by industry-leading Dexter axles and automatic self-adjusting brakes. They’re the gold standard in the hauling industry. Its all-weather premium tires and wheels ensure smooth towing on various roadways, such as wet surfaces and winding mountain roads.

Our Trailer Models

Bumper pull equipment trailers available in Mulberry FL

SUPER YETI 21K Equipment Trailer

GVWR: 21,000
Load Capacity: Approx. 16,500 lbs

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Custom built equipment trailers in Mulberry & Jacksonville FL

I-Beam Series

GVWR: 14K & 17K
Load Capacity: 14K 11,000lbs | 17K 14,000lbs

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Newly manufactured deckover trailers in Jacksonville FL & Ashland VA

10K Deckover Trailer

GVWR: 9,980
Load Capacity: Approx. 6,700 lbs

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New utility trailers being sold in Mulberry & Jacksonville FL

Utility Trailer

GVWR: 10,000
Load Capacity: 7,800lbs

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Newly crafted tilt trailers in Ashland VA & Jacksonville FL

YETI 18K Tilt Trailer

GVWR: 17,900
Load Capacity: Approx. 14,300 LBS.

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Newly crafted tilt trailers in Ashland VA & Jacksonville FL

YETI 15K Tilt Trailer

GVWR: 14,900
Load Capacity: Approx. 11,000 LBS

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High quality bumper pull deckover trailers in Jacksonville & Mulberry FL

BEAST 22K Deckover

GVWR: 22,000
Load Capacity: Approx. 18,000 lbs

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18K GVWR equipment trailers available in Ashland VA & Jacksonville FL

YETI 18K Equipment Trailer

GVWR: 17,900
Load Capacity: Approx. 14,900 lbs

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YETI 15K Equipment Trailer

GVWR: 14,900
Load Capacity: Approx. 12,000 lbs

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Newly manufactured deckover trailers in Jacksonville FL & Ashland VA

SUPER MONSTER 17.5k Deckover

GVWR: 17,500
Load Capacity: Approx. 13,500 lbs

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High quality deckover, equipment, utility and other trailers available in Raleigh Durham, NC

Heavy-Duty Trailer Models for Sale

Bigfoot has the perfect bumper-pull trailer for every Raleigh-Durham haul:

Equipment Trailers: Haul your excavators, skid steers, or landscaping gear with unmatched strength and extra-wide floor space.

Deckover Trailers: Load up your ATVs, motorcycles, or even that prized classic truck with rock-solid stability and a premium pressure-treated flatbed. Whether you’re hitting the offroad tracks with your ATV for fun with your bud, delivering cars or trucks to the racetrack, or hauling gear to another destination, Bigfoot delivers.

Utility Trailers: From hauling lumber for a construction site to delivering fresh produce from the farm, these commercial-grade workhorses with spring-loaded ramps have the strength to handle it all with ease.

Dump Trailers: Tackle yard cleanup, municipal projects, or haul debris after a surprise snowstorm with unmatched efficiency. With its heavy-duty suspension and built-in generator, they have the power to tackle any load.

Tiny Home Trailers: Bigfoot builds tiny home trailers with quality precision for your big Raleigh-Durham dreams. Whether sipping coffee on the porch overlooking Jordan Lake or soaking up historical culture in the “City of Oaks,” your minimalist haven on wheels will take you there. Craft your perfect space in the Triangle of North Carolina, then let Bigfoot haul your tiny home towards epic memories, one adventure at a time.

Where to Buy Trailers in Raleigh Durham, NC

Buying a Bigfoot Trailer is more than just a transaction; it's an experience. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect trailer for your needs, ensuring you leave with everything you need to take on the road with confidence. Visit our Virginia factory showroom and discover the Bigfoot difference.

Bigfoot Trailers is a factory-direct manufacturer with pickup locations throughout the East Coast. Nationwide delivery is also available for an additional fee. We also offer flexible financing and rent-to-own options. Please schedule an appointment to see Bigfoot Trailers at 12152 Washington Hwy (US 1), Ashland, VA 23005, USA. You can also call toll-free (866) 764-8878 or get a free quote here. Visit our dealer locator to locate a dealer near you.