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Selecting the Right Trailer Axle

The trailer axle is a crucial component, bearing the weight of your cargo and ensuring a smooth ride. However, even the most dependable axles eventually need replacing due to wear and tear or overloading. When that time comes, navigating the world of replacement axles can be daunting. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to select the right trailer axle, ensuring safety and optimal hauling performance on the road.

TRAILER AXEL TYPES IN Jonesboro, GaTypes of Trailer Axles

Which type of axle does your trailer have? They can be categorized into three main types:

Straight Axles

These have a fixed, straight angle and are the most common type of trailer axle. They offer a good balance of strength and ground clearance.

Drop Axles

Drop axles have a slight downward bend in the center. This feature lowers the trailer’s height, making loading and unloading easier. It can benefit trailers with low bed heights or equipment loading at platform height.

Torque Axle

These utilize rubber torsion bars instead of leaf springs for suspension. It provides a smoother ride and is less prone to wear and tear. However, torque axles may only suit some trailers, particularly those carrying heavy loads.

Understanding Axle Specifications

The first step in selecting a replacement trailer axle is determining its specifications. Choosing the wrong axle can be a costly mistake. So, consider these key factors when selecting a replacement axle:

  • Weight Capacity: This is paramount. Never choose an axle with a capacity lower than your trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Opting for a slightly higher-capacity axle can provide a safety buffer and better handle uneven loads.
  • Axle Tube Diameter: Measured in inches, this reflects the axle’s overall strength. Standard diameters range from 2″ to 3 ½ “, with higher diameters suitable for heavier loads. 
  • Spring Centers: This refers to the distance between the center points of the trailer springs that connect to the axle. Incorrect spring centers can cause alignment issues and affect trailer handling.
  • Hub Face and Bolt Pattern: The hub face is the surface where the wheel mounts. The bolt pattern specifies the number of holes and their positioning on the hub face. These measurements need to be compatible with your existing wheels and brakes.

Finding Your Replacement Axle Information

The easiest way to determine your axle specifications is to consult the trailer’s manual or the manufacturer’s tag affixed to the trailer, usually on the tongue or neck. If these aren’t available, contact the trailer’s manufacturer or measure the existing axle and components yourself. There are also online resources and tutorials to guide you through the measurement process.

The Bigfoot Trailers Advantage

If you own a Bigfoot trailer, you’re in good hands when replacing its parts. Bigfoot equips its trailers with Dexter Axles, renowned for their quality, durability, and widespread availability. It also makes finding replacement axles and parts easier and more convenient. You can quickly source them from many trailer retailers and service centers, including Bigfoot Trailers. Knowing that you’re selecting the right axle for your trailer will give you peace of mind.

dexter axels for your trailer in Orlando FLSafety First

While this guide provides the basics, feel free to consult a trailer service professional if you have any doubts or require assistance with the replacement process. They can help you verify axle specifications and ensure a smooth and safe installation.

Where to Buy Replacement Trailer Axles

Bigfoot Trailers delivers! As a factory-direct manufacturer, we service the entire Eastern United States with locations in Durham, NC; Hartford, CT; Providence, RI; Springfield, MA; and by appointment with retailers in Fort Myers and Marianna, FL. We can help ensure you select the right axle for your equipment trailer, dump trailer, utility trailer, or car hauler. Call toll-free (866) 764-8878 or contact us at https://www.bigfoottrailers.net/ for a free quote.