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Storage Tips For Your Utility Trailer

For some of our customers, using their utility trailer is a daily event. They have a small business where they haul or transport equipment from one location to another. For many others, however, they only use their trailer occasionally. This raises questions about how to store it properly when not in use. To help in these situations, here are several great storage tips for your utility trailer.

Utility trailers available in Ashland, VA & Jacksonville, FLKnow How Much Space You’ll Need

One of the first storage tips for your utility trailer is to set aside a space large enough to handle it. This is both a practical concern for your home as well as the trailer itself. You don’t want to take up more room on your property than you need to. Likewise, you don’t want to try to fit your trailer in an area that cannot accommodate it.

Cover Your Trailer

Whether that space is inside or out, our next tip for you is to cover your trailer. This serves several important purposes. Naturally, it helps to protect it from the elements. This means that a quality cover can help prevent weathering and fading. In addition, as there are many metal components to your trailer, covering it can help reduce the risk of rust.

Jack It Up To Protect Your Suspension

Your trailer’s suspension can quickly wear out if the trailer sits idle on the ground for too long. To prevent this problem, jacking it up can help significantly. In addition, don’t store your trailer with weight on it. This, too, can wear out your suspension faster.

Save Your Brake Batteries

Battery drain is a problem across the board for many pieces of equipment. With your trailer sitting idle, it’s often a good idea to remove your brake batteries. Otherwise, leaving them plugged in will lead to excessive wear and tear, often in the form of corroded deposits.

Once removed, store it in a cool, dry place and recharge them quarterly to maintain their shelf life.

And Save Your Tires

Here’s a quick but simple tip for your tires: spray them with a protective coating. This can help prevent cracking and dry rot when your trailer is not in use.

Better yet, you could completely remove your tires — especially if your trailer sits outdoors for storage. Put them inside a shed or garage to prevent excessive weathering.

Two Overlooked Storage Tips For Your Utility Trailer

Finally, here are two related yet sometimes overlooked storage tips for your trailer. Grease moving parts such as your hitch, hinges, and bearings. In addition, lubricate your axle bearings every few weeks. Together, these two final tips can help get you back up and, on the road, once it’s time to take your trailer out of storage.

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These seven storage tips for utility trailers should help maximize the life of your investment. And, as our region’s premier wholesalers of quality trailers, we’re here to help. When you need the best then turn to our team of experts.

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