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How to Choose a Trailer

Many dealers or manufacturers are trying to confuse you into believing they have the best trailer.

At Bigfoot Trailers we want to try to educate our customers when you are looking for a trailer, quality trailer axles are essential. The axle tubes are bent slightly to create the best tire wear under a load, known as cambering. When you search for a trailer, be aware of the areas where competitors may try to cut costs to make you think you are getting a great deal, but in reality, you may be getting a lower-quality trailer.

Rust resistant equipment trailers in Richmond & Ashland VA1. Paint Prep

MANY manufacturers paint directly on the oil film and mill scale that is covering the steel. When steel is shipped it is covered by a thick…. grease-like oil that keeps the steel from rusting in transit. More than half the trailers made today are being painted without removing these oils. There is no way the paint will adhere to the trailer over the long haul. Powder coating is melted on the trailer and does have the etching chemical bond of a quality industrial primer. Enamel without primer is just for looks. It has virtually no corrosion protection properties.


If you’re shopping for a trailer, it’s important to make sure the manufacturer is following the rules and regulations set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). Unfortunately, not all trailer manufacturers are aware of the laws, and many don’t adhere to them. That’s why you should only buy a trailer from a company that is a member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM). Members of NATM are required to undergo regular audits to ensure they comply with the laws. Purchasing a trailer from a manufacturer that isn’t following the rules could lead to a major liability nightmare, so make sure to check if they are a member of NATM before you buy.

3. Lighting

Two important things… does the trailer have all the required lighting for DOT laws, and what is the quality of the lighting. We use ALL LED lights. LED lights typically last the life of the trailer. They require much less power to light up, and they are much brighter. As a member of the NATM Bigfoot Trailers manufacturers all its trailers with all the required lights OR MORE.

4. Paint Quality

It doesn’t matter if the trailer is powder coated or wet-painted if the paint quality is poor. Poor powder coating flakes off or rusts through and is not easy to touch up or repair. The best paint job is with a high-end primer coat, followed by an enamel coating. Look under the trailer many do not paint the cross members or underside of the trailer. Many large companies building trailers do not even paint the axle hardware…YIKES!

5. Axles

When buying a trailer, it’s important to consider the brakes. Many people believe that trailer brakes will automatically adjust when you put the trailer in reverse and stop. However, this is not true for trailers with axles under 10,000 lbs each – these require manual adjustment every few months. Unfortunately, this is rarely done and can lead to dangerous consequences. To avoid this, it’s highly recommended to purchase a trailer with self-adjusting brakes (FSA Brakes). Each time you hit the brakes, they will automatically tighten to the optimal clearance, helping to stop the load in an emergency. If the trailer advertisement doesn’t mention FSA Brakes, you can almost guarantee it doesn’t have them. They may cost more, but it’s worth the investment for your safety.

6. Tires

Super important. Radial Tires are critical. Bias ply…CHEAPO tires are not made to go over 60MPH and fail ALL THE TIME. If you are on a long trip and get a flat, it will ruin your trip for sure. Commercial or everyday users will find cheap tires will wear out often and cost more to keep on the road.

7. Wiring and Electrical

Some manufacturers are still building tandem axle trailers with no emergency breakaway kit braking system. This is a violation of DOT rules in almost every state. Especially ours. Many who do install the emergency breakaway kit use a cheap system that has no charging system. What is good is a backup brake system with a dead battery. Be careful of this issue as it is a huge liability concern for the user. Our system has a charging system built in and there is a test button. You can always know if your system is ready and charged.

8. Fenders and fender back

A sneaky way to save money is using 9″ fenders or thin metal fenders. How many trailers have you seen going down the road with the fenders tearing off…the tires sticking out farther than the cheap narrow fenders, or the thin 16 gauge fender backs tearing out.

9. Safety chains

Each safety chain should be able to support the entire weight of the trailer and its payload. Many will buy chains that are only rated to hold the load when both chains are added together. The load in an emergency is not going to attack the chains at the same time. One will break and then the other.

Manufacturer direct equipment trailers in Marianna, FL & Raleigh, NC10. Financing Options

Financing a trailer is easy with our trusted dealers

Are you in the market for a Bigfoot trailer but are unsure of how to finance it? Look no further! Bigfoot Trailers has you covered with three great financing options. Not only are these financing options designed to make the process easier and faster, but they are also tailored to fit any budget. With Bigfoot Trailers, you can have the trailer of your dreams with minimal stress and hassle.​Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way. Get started today and enjoy the convenience of financing or renting your trailer at a fraction of the cost.

There are many considerations when buying a trailer. At Bigfoot Trailers, we try to use the very best components and methods in every aspect of the trailer. Please call us at (863) 589-7616 if you have further questions.