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Trailer Parts Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re preparing to attach your truck to your equipment trailer but notice something that seems off, it’s crucial to identify the issue quickly. This could be anything from a missing part to hearing a strange noise while driving. Understanding the various parts of a trailer can help you pinpoint the problem. We’re sharing Bigfoot’s comprehensive guide to trailer parts so you can become an expert in towing and be better prepared for the road ahead.

Now, let’s break down the essential trailer parts that make hauling farm machinery, landscaping equipment, cars, and other equipment possible.

trailer ball and demco EZ latch couplers in Washington DC

Trailer Ball

The king of the haul, the trailer ball sits at the rear of your towing vehicle, waiting to connect to your trailer’s coupler. The right size and weight capacity are vital for a safe and secure connection.


This sturdy contraption on your trailer’s tongue latches onto the ball, creating a solid union between your truck and trailer. There are different coupler types, so ensure your coupler matches your ball and towing needs.


The unsung hero, the trailer hitch, connects the coupler to the frame of your tow vehicle. Ensure it’s rated for the weight you’ll be hauling and adequately installed for maximum safety.


A trusty trailer jack is your best friend when hitching, unhitching, and leveling your trailer. You need a jack with the appropriate weight capacity and crank mechanism for safety and effortless operation.


This sturdy sheet metal protects your tires and wheels from gravel, pebbles, mud, and other road spray, keeping your trailer and the road behind you safe.

Safety Chains

These are your backup safety devices, providing an extra layer of safety in case of a coupler malfunction. So, don’t leave home without these vital lifesavers!

factory-direct trailer manufacturer in Jacksonville, FLWiring Harness

These electrical connectors attached to a wiring harness make the lights and brakes operational. Match the plug configuration on your trailer to the socket on your tow vehicle for proper functioning. All Bigfoot Trailers include the correct wiring harness for your truck!

Trailer Lighting

These illuminating features ensure others on the road can see you in the evening and inclement weather. Regularly check bulbs and wiring for any burn-outs or shorts.

Trailer Wheels and Tires

Always check the tread pattern before rolling for any signs of damage or uneven wear. Replace worn tires with a suitable weight capacity and tread pattern for your expected load and road conditions. Remember that some states like California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington require snow tires or chains as a matter of law when hauling during the winter.


Breakaway Switch

This safety device activates the trailer’s brakes if it separates from the hitched vehicle, preventing a runaway trailer.

Trailer Axles

The sturdy muscles of your trailer axles rotate the wheels to support the weight of your load. They are mounted to the trailer with bearings. There are different axle types for various weight capacities and configurations.

Drums and Brakes

Like on your car or truck, trailer drums house the braking system that stops your trailer when you use the brake. Regularly inspect your brakes for wear before hitting the road and replace them when necessary.

heavy duty equipment trailers in Raleigh Durham, NCTie-downs and Straps

Remember trailer tie-downs and straps! These secure your equipment, materials, and other cargo to the trailer bed, preventing unwanted bouncing and tumbles during your journey. Florida, Washington, and other states require drivers to secure their load to avoid objects and debris from falling out of the trailer while on the highway.

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