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Washington, DC

Are you looking for heavy-duty trailers that can navigate the congested beltways and crowded downtown streets in Washington, DC? The National Capitol District may only be 68 square miles, but navigating the bustling streets can be a hauler’s nightmare without the right equipment. Bigfoot’s heavy-duty utility trailers, dump trailers, deck-over trailers, tiny home trailers, and equipment trailers are essential tools of the trade for meeting the most demanding hauling challenges, from transporting equipment for government projects to delivering supplies for local businesses inside and outside the Capital Beltway.

High quality deckover, equipment, utility and other trailers available in Washington DC

The Bigfoot Difference – Evoking the American Spirit

When it comes to a combination of America's pioneering spirit and modern engineering, Bigfoot fits the bill. Each model is designed to be tough and resilient, made for rough and busy roads. These are not mass-produced trailers, but handcrafted partners in tow ready for any job, fueled by the same sense of independence that defines our nation. This is the Bigfoot difference; crafted for excellence, built for freedom.

Team-Oriented Manufacturing Process

Bigfoot’s team-oriented manufacturing process resembles the resilience of the cherry blossoms in full bloom with the unwavering spirit of our national monuments. Our factories hum to the tune of American ingenuity in a testament to the can-do spirit that echoes from the halls of the Capitol dome. Inside our factory just south of the District of Columbia, laser-cut American steel transforms into frames with surgical precision, expert welds yield relentless strength, and jigs ensure perfect assembly. The result is a line of handcrafted heavy-duty trailers that can handle any haul on any avenue, from Pennsylvania, N.W. to Maryland, N.E., and beyond.

Premium Paint & Components

Bigfoot Trailers feature premium paint and components that withstand Washington's humid summers and brutal winters. Every heavy-duty hauler sports the Bigfoot Evercoat System, a specialized formula that keeps its shine while resisting fading, rusting, and moisture. Underneath is just as impressive: Bigfoot’s industry-leading Dexter axles and automatic self-adjusting brakes will keep you safe while rolling down I-95 or in bumper-to-bumper traffic across the George Mason Memorial Bridge.

Our Trailer Models

Bumper pull equipment trailers available in Mulberry FL

SUPER YETI 21K Equipment Trailer

GVWR: 21,000
Load Capacity: Approx. 16,500 lbs

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Custom built equipment trailers in Mulberry & Jacksonville FL

I-Beam Series

GVWR: 14K & 17K
Load Capacity: 14K 11,000lbs | 17K 14,000lbs

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Newly manufactured deckover trailers in Jacksonville FL & Ashland VA

10K Deckover Trailer

GVWR: 9,980
Load Capacity: Approx. 6,700 lbs

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New utility trailers being sold in Mulberry & Jacksonville FL

Utility Trailer

GVWR: 10,000
Load Capacity: 7,800lbs

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Newly crafted tilt trailers in Ashland VA & Jacksonville FL

YETI 18K Tilt Trailer

GVWR: 17,900
Load Capacity: Approx. 14,300 LBS.

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Newly crafted tilt trailers in Ashland VA & Jacksonville FL

YETI 15K Tilt Trailer

GVWR: 14,900
Load Capacity: Approx. 11,000 LBS

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High quality bumper pull deckover trailers in Jacksonville & Mulberry FL

BEAST 22K Deckover

GVWR: 22,000
Load Capacity: Approx. 18,000 lbs

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18K GVWR equipment trailers available in Ashland VA & Jacksonville FL

YETI 18K Equipment Trailer

GVWR: 17,900
Load Capacity: Approx. 14,900 lbs

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YETI 15K Equipment Trailer

GVWR: 14,900
Load Capacity: Approx. 12,000 lbs

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Newly manufactured deckover trailers in Jacksonville FL & Ashland VA

SUPER MONSTER 17.5k Deckover

GVWR: 17,500
Load Capacity: Approx. 13,500 lbs

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High quality deckover, equipment, utility and other trailers available in Washington DC

Trailer Models for Sale in Greater Washington

We offer a diverse lineup of heavy-duty models for any hauling need:

Equipment Trailers: From tackling a renovation in Dupont Circle to a new development project in Tysons Corner, Bigfoot has the trailer for hauling skid steers, excavators, and other essential heavy machinery with confidence, reliability, and safety.

Deckover Trailers: Carry ATVs to explore hidden trails in Great Falls Park near D.C., haul kayaks to the Chesapeake Bay, or transport luxury cars to the suburbs like a pro. Bigfoot's Deckover Trailers are your extra-wide and sturdy partner is the go-to trailer for any heavy-duty hauling need.

Utility Trailers: These heavy-duty trailers are the ideal all-around workhorse from transporting furniture in Adams Morgan to hauling landscaping materials for clients in McLean. Deliver major appliances for a new condo in Shaw, mulch bags for a garden in Bethesda, or even a truckload of berries from the local farm in Leesburg – cover the map with Bigfoot.

Dump Trailers: D.C. never sleeps, and neither does a Bigfoot dump trailer. Clean up debris after a storm in Foggy Bottom, transport gravel for road construction in Rockville, or dump soil in Silver Spring – all without relying on the grid. These heavy-duty beasts of burden come with built-in generators, so you can work day or night even when the lights are out.

Tiny Home Trailers: Bigfoot's Tiny Home Trailers are the ideal foundation for the minimalist lifestyle, whether you crave the nonstop action in trendy Georgetown or a quiet D.C. suburb like Broadlands, VA. Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary –Bigfoot is waiting to take you home.

Where to Buy Trailers in Washington, DC

Bigfoot covers the map whether you're hauling in the DMV or beyond. Our factory-direct pickup locations throughout the East Coast and nationwide delivery options make it easy to get the trailer you need when you need it. We also offer flexible financing and rent-to-own options so you can buy in confidence without breaking the bank. Plus, we back every trailer purchase with a generous 5-year warranty.

Visit our Virginia factory showroom and discover the Bigfoot difference. Please schedule an appointment to see Bigfoot Trailers at 12152 Washington Hwy (U.S. 1), Ashland, VA 23005, USA. You can also call toll-free (866) 764-8878 or contact us here for a free quote. Visit here to locate a dealer near you.