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A Closer Look At Tiny House Trailers

A few years ago, there was a new trend in housing: tiny homes. These were houses with a much smaller footprint, sometimes no more than a few hundred square feet (or less). A popular type of foundation with these is a standard towing trailer. This makes them easier to transport, especially if the family plans to adopt an “on-the-road” approach. Let’s take a closer look at tiny house trailers and some of the things to keep in mind if you’re considering this type of lifestyle.

A Few Pros To Consider

Tiny house trailers can be a great alternative to the traditional 9 to 5 existence that most of us grew up expecting. Reminiscent of the live-free spirit of the 1970s, a renewed interest in a “free” lifestyle means that tiny homeowners share several common inclinations.

The first of these is a preference for minimalism. Tiny homes don’t have a lot of room, which means that you have to be selective with what you own. Next, tiny house trailers provide an opportunity for off-the-grid living at a relatively affordable price point. Their low cost makes them a desirable alternative to what seems like an ever-rising housing market.

Finally, tiny house trailers offer mobility and the chance to explore the great outdoors that a traditional living experience tends to lack.

A Few Cons To Keep In Mind

This isn’t to say everything about tiny homes is great. One of the most obvious cons is that they have very limited space. This can affect both privacy and feelings of claustrophobia.

In addition, the lack of square footage means that it will take creativity to include traditional home amenities. For example, it’s rare to find a tiny house trailer with a bathtub. Some homeowners will even omit a shower, choosing to use their local gym instead. Others may lack traditional furniture or a dining room table.

Tiny House Trailers & Towing

Some tiny house trailers are meant to stay in one location; they use the trailer bed as a foundation without the intention of moving it. However, if you plan to move your tiny home from place to place, don’t forget about traditional towing basics. This includes knowing the GVWR of your home and towing vehicle, tongue weight, and that everything inside of your house is secure during transport.

A Few Thoughts On Design

Some consider the need for flexibility in tiny homes to be a pro, while others see the lack of space as a con. As an example, your dining room table will likely be collapsible or have a dual function as a workspace. Your bedroom may double as your living room. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can truly come up with some amazing designs by utilizing multi-use furniture and a custom layout.

Trailers for tiny homes available in Ashland, VA & Mulberry, FLFinding The Right Trailer For Your Tiny House Build

We carry a wide range of trailers in various sizes and capacities. These can help you customize the size of your tiny home, providing you with options that you may have not considered.

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