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Difference Between Deckover and Flat Deck Trailers

Deckover and flatbed trailers are equipment trailers used to transport various cargo, including cars, trucks, construction and farm equipment, heavy machinery, and even tiny houses. However, some key differences between the two types of trailers can make one a better choice for certain applications than the other. This article will discuss the difference between deckover and flat deck trailers.

Factory direct bumper pull trailer manufacturers in Tallahassee, FL & Richmond, VAWhat Does Deckover Mean On A Trailer?

It means the trailer has a deck that sits above the wheels, typically made with heavy-duty pressurized wood. As a result, deckover trailers have several advantages over flatbed trailers, including:

  • More deck space: Deckover trailers have a wider deck than flatbed trailers, which makes them ideal for transporting oversized or wide loads.
  • Higher ground clearance: A higher deck height gives this type of trailer more ground clearance. This is important when hauling heavy loads over rough terrain or steep inclines.
  • Lower center of gravity: Deckover trailers have a lower center of gravity, making them more stable and easier to tow.

Types of Flat Deck Trailers

Flatbed trailers have a flat deck that sits between the trailer wheels. This simple and effective design makes flatbed trailers the most popular equipment trailer on the road. Since they are lower to the ground, they are also relatively easy to load and unload various freight. Some common types of flat deck trailers you will find on the highway between Florida and Virginia include:

  • Standard flat deck trailers have a flat deck for transporting freight of varying sizes, shapes, and weights.
  • Car haulers are DOT-certified equipment for transporting automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles. Our car haulers have self-adjusting brakes and an emergency breakaway system, making them easier and safer to tow.emergency breakaway system, making them easier and safer to tow.
  • Equipment trailers are used in many industries to transport heavy equipment, such as construction supplies and agricultural equipment.
  • Tilt trailers have a deck that can be angled for easier loading and unloading of heavy freight.
  • Utility trailers are among the most versatile that can be used for hauling freight, landscaping equipment, ATVs, and other heavy loads.

Flatbed or Deckover: Which Trailer Is Best for Your Haul?

Bigfoot offers an extensive inventory of flatbed, deckover, and other types of equipment trailers in various sizes and configuration options. Each trailer can also be customized to meet the hauler’s specific needs.

Deckover trailers with 10K GVWR and up in Ashland, VA & Mulberry, FL

However, the best trailer for your application will depend on your hauling needs and budget. Generally, a flatbed trailer is an ideal choice when you need an equipment trailer that is easy to load and unload and can handle various payloads. On the other hand, if you need to transport oversized or wide loads or need high-ground clearance, a deckover trailer may be a better option.

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