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Top Components In Orlando, FL

Whether you're transporting landscaping equipment to a client down I-4 to Kissimmee or hauling materials around Orlando’s Seminole County suburbs on the Central Florida Greenway, the Bigfoot trailer's top components ensure a smooth and quiet ride. With premium tires, axles, a sturdy steel frame, Yellawood® deck, and an industrial-grade paint finish, you'll have the muscle to handle heavy loads of up to 20,900 lbs! Where can Bigfoot take you today?

Custom equipment trailers with Dexter Axles in Lake Mary Fl and Orlando FlWhy Go Bigfoot?

Bigfoot Trailers are handcrafted in our modern factory in Florida using premium-grade American steel and top-quality components. Our impressive line-up of bumper-pull trailers includes equipment trailers, utility trailers, tilt trailers, dump trailers, tiny house trailers, and more. With a generous full five-year warranty, Bigfoot trailers are the beasts of the road that can handle any load as efficiently as hitch and go. When you choose Bigfoot, you're choosing a trailer that's built to last, giving you the confidence to tackle any hauling task. So, when only the best trailers on the market will do, go Bigfoot!

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Demco Couplers

Every Bigfoot trailer comes with Demco couplers that make hauling as easy as hitch-and-go. The key is the coupler's unique design that automatically latches when it is dropped onto the hitch ball, eliminating the need for a safety pin. It doesn’t get any easier than that! With a Bigfoot Trailer, you can safely and confidently haul heavy loads like a Zero-Turn mower, a large tool shed, or even a tiny house.

Fenders & Ramps

We produce fenders and ramps in-house using premium materials to ensure they meet our rigorous standards. So, whether you're hauling a flat deck trailer, dump trailer, or custom trailer, you can trust they are built to withstand the harshest conditions for reliable performance, mile after mile.

  • Bigfoot Trailers' fenders are made from an 11ga double-broke tread plate and expertly welded directly to the trailer frame. This ensures the fenders will not bend or break, even when carrying heavy loads.
  • The high-quality, made-in-the-USA steel ensures the ramps withstand heavy loads without bending or breaking. The 60-inch flip ramp makes loading and unloading your trailer a cinch.

Frame & Deck

At the heart of Bigfoot's unwavering reliability and durability are its high-quality USA-steel frames and premium Yellawood decks. Every component is meticulously engineered, ensuring only the finest materials are used. With Bigfoot, you're not just investing in a trailer, but in a partner that will stand the test of time.

  • Bigfoot Trailer frames are manufactured using A36 USA structural steel for durability and longevity. Its C Channel and I-Beams are designed to withstand light and heavy loads, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Bigfoot Trailer’s Premium Yellawood® Pressure Treated Deck is factory-treated to resist rot, decay, and insects for a long, useful life span of 5-8 years in Orlando’s humid climate. 

Trailer Lights and Wiring in Orlando, FLLights & Wiring

The weather in Orlando, Orange Mountain, and the surrounding areas can change quickly. One moment, you may be driving in sunny conditions; the next, you could encounter low visibility on Florida’s Turnpike.

Therefore, it is crucial for drivers on the road to be able to see you and for you to be able to see them. Our custom watertight wiring harnesses feature a comprehensive, long-lasting, premium-grade LED lighting system that provides exceptional visibility and safety on the road.


We eliminate the guesswork for customers who invest in Bigfoot Trailers. We want our trailer owners to have an enjoyable hauling experience, so every trailer we sell includes a premium jack designed to fit that specific model. Its spring-loaded feature makes lifting and lowering effortless, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers. 

Paint System

Bigfoot's exclusive EVERCOAT® paint system with a high-quality 2-part urethane topcoat creates a harder, more durable finish than a powder coat. It also resists moisture, rust, and scratches, making maintaining that slick showroom shine easy.

Tires & Axles

Bigfoot incorporates Dexter's industry-leading brake hub axles, which are renowned for their exceptional strength. These axles enable Bigfoot to handle even the most demanding hauling tasks. Dexter's revolutionary self-adjusting drum brake system eliminates manual adjustments, ensuring optimal braking performance and safety on every haul.

We don’t skimp on tires, either. Bigfoot Trailers feature ST radial tires for superior performance and handling. In addition, all tires have a 12-month replacement guarantee, so if you experience any problems with them, we will replace them for free. A limited lifetime warranty applies to all wheels. We call this the 1-2-5 Lifetime+ Program. So, when you invest in a Bigfoot Trailer, whether a 10K equipment trailer or the heavy-duty 25.9K Super Beast, you have peace of mind knowing your trailer is built to last, from the tires up.

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Bigfoot Trailers delivers! We are a factory-direct manufacturer servicing Greater Orlando, including Celebration, Lake Buena Vista, University Estates, Wekiwa Springs, and Winter Garden, FL. Call toll-free (866) 764-8878 or contact us here for a free quote. When only the best will do, go Bigfoot! Ask about our convenient pick-up locations in major cities nationwide.